Technology has invaded life in such a way that it is but impossible to even imagine a life otherwise. So, what can be better than putting it to good use to develop the reading habit among children. Animated stories are the best entertainment options available for kids to develop their reading habit, while improving their skill in comprehension. Through free animated stories online it is easily available to you and helps in instilling values in the child’s mind. With a judicious combination of graphics, narration, sound effects and background music, kids are attracted to them. There are many funny animated stories as well as animated stories for kindergarten in our collection of selected animated stories in English

Our selection of animated stories that are free to download can help the young minds. It will sow the seed of wisdom which eventually assists them towards growing into better citizens of tomorrow. The language used is simple and hence easily comprehensible. To add to that, the beautiful animation in these stories will be a sure winner with children with each animated story coming with our review on it. When a story is being read or narrated by a person, there is always the risk of the child losing interest at some point. With animated stories it is a totally different scenario. Children get glued to it and will surely watch it to the end as these are custom made animated stories for kids.