Simple Health Tips for Children and Parents

Raising kids is a tension-filled pleasurable experience. Priority should be given to their health. Parents often tend to get confused about choosing healthy food for children.

Following are some important things that could help you have a healthy child. Nutritious food, hygiene, health checks and timely immunisation, oral health, sleep and play, tips to manage picky eaters, healthy recipes, healthy meals, healthy diet, secret solutions to add nutrients to your food and a lot more.

We have tried to cover a wide range topics related to children’s health. Get comprehensive information in the form of simple and handy health tips for children.

From managing the bed time routine to making your child healthy, you can find an interesting health tip a day!

Besides, you can educate the child about the lesser known elements that affects the health of kids in the long run.

Get your daily dose of health tips and learn more about staying healthy!

Ease the sleep routine with fairy tales
Kids love to hear interesting tales. Ease the kid’s sleep routine by telling a fable every day. There are plenty of tales available online and in books. Who doesn’t love hear the tales of Cinderella, animals and fairies and of course the monsters? Plan for a sleeping routine; make the kid stick to a schedule by telling them interesting stories.

Enroll Early
We, the elders lately understand the importance of exercises. It is never too late to start a regimen to make your child fit. Make physical activity a part of your kids’ life. Whether it is yoga or aerobics or exercises, or karate, enroll the kids early. The kids’ body is flexible enough to adapt physical exercise and it also helps them maintain good health and well being, keeping the diseases at bay!

The Name Game
Want to make your child eat healthy? First thing, make sure your child when you cook for them. Seek their help and make them stay with you until you finish cooking the food. Now, name the dish with your kids’ name! They will be happy! For example Sarah’s Veggie Strips, Nicky’s Salad, etc.

The Five Doctors
Every child needs five doctors for good health and wellbeing. Who are the five doctors? Don’t be scared!

  • Sunshine – Exposure to sun
  • Water – Hydration
  • Good sleep and adequate rest
  • Healthy nutritious foods
  • Activities to keep children active

Does your child have these five doctors?

The white enemy!
The number one enemies for kids are the white enemies – salt and sugar. Adding too much or too little salt and sugar is definitely unhealthy. Too much salt causes blood pressure in kids and too much sugar causes obesity and may lead to diabetes. A pack of potato chips, pickles, papads, jams, doughnuts, cakes, candies, etc are extremely high in salt or sugar. Similarly, too little salt may cause iodine deficiency in children, which directly results in goiter, a  thyroid related conditions.

The tiny white objects may ruin the health of the kid in the long run if not taken in adequate quantities.

Before you sleep!
Going straight to bed after dinner is not good for health. Make sure your kids participate in physical activity. It will burn the extra calories if any and also aid in proper digestion. You may involve the kids in some simple activities like walking, playing hide and seek, or you may even seek help in making the bed, cleaning, etc. Go for walking as a family, it will be fun as well as healthy!

Bad Breath in Kids
Bad odour in mouth or bad breath is very common in children. Many kids hate brushing and even if they do, they don’t do it properly. Bad odour is not just caused due to poor brushing and cavities. There are a few other facts that cause bad odour in mouth, which are most often overlooked.

  • Constipation – when the child has constipation problems, it creates bad odor
  • Overgrown bacterium / viral infection
  • Intestinal parasites / worms

If the bad breath persists for a long time, it may be an indication of stomach ulcer in kids.

Visit a Dentist
Raising healthy kids isn’t just limited to eating healthy foods. Maintenance of overall health and wellness is crucial. Plan a dental checkup in every six months for your child. Have an overall examination of his / her dental health. Since children are more at risk of developing cavities, it is recommended to plan for a regular / routine dental checkup.

Wash and Rinse the Fruits and Veggies 
Adding more fruits and veggies in the kids’ meal is definitely healthy. Whenever you provide them a fresh fruit or an assortment of fruits, make sure to wash and rinse the fruits, especially when the kids eat fruits with the skin. It is recommended to wash the fruits and vegetables before you cook or eat.

Since organic cultivation is quite far away from the current scenario, the use of fertilizers and chemicals is certainly harmful. To stay away from the harm and also not to miss out on the goodness of fresh foods, wash and rinse fruits and veggies before you use them.

Promote Health Consciousness 
Promoting health consciousness in children is crucial for healthy upbringing of a child. Incorporate the following minute elements and nurture a healthy and energetic child!

  • Take medicines with lukewarm water/ water at room temperature – no hot or no cold water
  • Don’t ever feed heavy food after 6 pm
  • Encourage children to drink more water in the morning and noon, less at night. Drinking more water at night may lead to urination often, and disturb sleep.
  • Don’t put your child to sleep immediately after food or after taking any medicine.
  • Don’t let the child play with mobile phones when the battery falls below 20 percent, as low battery creates heavy radiation.