Please note that our short story contests are on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wonderkids E-Learning Blog’s International Short Story Contests are biannual events that provide a platform for school students around the world to display their fiction writing skills, and be recognized worldwide for their unique talents. Attractive cash prizes are given to the winners. Besides, all highly commended stories are published on the website.

Kids World Fun greatly appreciates the great enthusiasm with which school students, parents, teachers and school principals have shown towards this international contest. This contest just shows how promising the young generation of today is.

The future of the human race is, indeed, bright.

Rules of the contest

Please note that our short story contests are on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. The contest is open to young people all over the world.
  2. There are 2 modes of entry for the contest:
    1) Participants can opt for Free Entry: Winners will receive the certificate and publication on the website.
    2) Entry (publication) Fee of $10: Winners will be eligible for a cash prize along with the certificate and publication. Payment links will be sent by email for these entries.
  3. The prizes for all categories are as follows:
    First prize: US$100, certificate, and publication on the website
    Second prize: US$75, certificate, and publication on the website
    Third prize: US$50, certificate, and publication on the website
  4. All winning and highly commended stories will be published on our website
  5. The story has to be written in English.
  6. The theme of the short story is your choice.
  7. Drawings, photos, or any other graphics are not allowed.
  8. Only one entry is accepted per person.
  9. The contest will be in three categories:
    a. Sub-junior (7-9 years)
    b. Junior (10-12 years)
    c. Senior (13-16 years)
  10. The minimum required length of the story is as follows:
    a. Sub-junior – 300 words
    b. Junior – 500 words
    c. Senior – 700 words
  11. The upper limit can only be upto 1000 words in all categories.
  12. Proof of age is required (scan or take a photo of your birth certificate/identity card/certificate from school/health record/school record).
  13. Send your story and the proof of age as attachments to [email protected]
  14. Mention the following information below your story:
    a. Full name
    b. Date of birth
    c. Category entered
    d. Modes of entry (Free entry / With entry fee)
    e. Title of your story
    f. Email address (optional) – parent’s/teacher’s email address can be used here if necessary
    g. School name
    h. Country
  15. Any entry that is not accompanied by proof of age will be automatically disqualified.
  16. The story should be the original, unpublished contribution of the person who is participating in the competition. Any story that is fully or partially copied from any other source will not be accepted. Each entry will be subjected to a complete plagiarism check.
  17. Type your story using Microsoft Word, and use Times New Roman or Arial 12 point regular font. You may use italics or bold for effect, but do not use them frequently.
  18. There will be three winners in each category.
  19. All winning and highly commended stories may not be published elsewhere without permission from Wonderkids E-Learning Blog.
  20. Judges’ decision will be final.
  21. Stories will be judged on the basis of content, language and style of writing.
  22. Contact us at [email protected] for any queries.