Does your child have an inclination towards the arts and crafts? Or are they interested in science? May be you should think of getting them the ASK Magazine. ASK is the magazine about science, history, inventions, arts, crafts and more for children aged 6 to 9 years.

ASK – the name itself means a lot. ASK answers any questions that you ask related to arts, crafts, inventions, science and scientists. From past inventions to future invention proposals, the magazine covers a myriad of science and scientific elements. Artists, popular arts, crafts, thinkers, experiments with arts and a lot are covered. It is ideal for kids in the age-group of 7 to 10 years, quintessentially the schoolers to pre-teens.

ASK is a good educational magazine and kids can seek reference and inspiration from it to create new ideas and scientific facts.

The theme of the magazine mainly revolves around arts and science. However, the magazine also covers topics for that age group of children who are curious and “ask” many questions. For instance, animals, human body, earth and earth science, etc.

Children can also learn different types of arts and crafts. A specific type of art is published in every issue with detailed information and pictures.

Every issue of the magazine also has interesting fun facts, contests, quizzes, stories, pictures and puzzles that create interest in the children. The magazine is not just educational but also entertaining.

To name a few areas;

How and why animals sleep? The information provided not only satisfies the child’s curiosity, but they also absorb it, thus increasing their knowledge. A similar example is about the formation of the solar system.

Young readers are also encouraged to express their views, ideas and suggestions which are then published in the ‘Reviews’ section of magazine.

Another interesting area is the science and world information. They are beautifully narrated in the form a story, which the child is able to remember for a long time.

The quality of the ASK magazine is very high. It not only stimulates the children’s imagination, but also satisfies their curiosity. The ASK magazine is connected with an exclusive website, which also encourages their interaction. The magazine is available in both printed and digital versions. However, it is advised that you get the printed magazines for kids, as it develops their reading habit.

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