How to Keep Your Pets Safe During the Wet Season

During the monsoon season, resting on your porch with your dogs and having a great coffee while watching the beautiful rainfall is one of the most wonderful delights in the world. This likewise presents you and your dear buddy with a lot of peace. You take preventative measures by keeping warm and staying inside your home during this rainy season, but what about your furry friend?

Rainy Season Care Tips for Your Dog

After the sweltering summer heat, a break in the weather is nice. While you might wish to enjoy the rain with your dog, remember to provide your pet more care throughout the wet season to safeguard their health. If you’re going to maintain your furry pet healthy and tidy during this rainy season, you’ll need to put in some extra work. Take a look at these practical tips for ensuring that your dog appreciates every downpour without being ill.

Make sure to keep your dog dry.

It’s not constantly possible to keep your pet’s coat dry. Nonetheless, following outdoor escapades in the rain or mud, rubbing them dry with a towel is constantly a great idea. Although some spoiled pets favor the blow dryer, few can resist a good rubdown. You’ll also require to switch to a waterless dog shampoo for the time being.

A canine raincoat is a fantastic way to enjoy a surprise rainfall while still outside. Furthermore, wet hair develops an ideal setting for molds, fungi, bacteria, and mildew to thrive. On the other hand, your house is also prone to mold development due to rain. Hire mold remediation experts to have your house checked for mold.

Keep them away from dirty water. 

Your pets, like you, are prone to waterborne infections spread out by filthy and stagnant water. Gastrointestinal problems are frequently accompanied by the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and cramping in the abdomen. Make sure they’re drinking safe water. If they have a stomach infection, feed them bland food (rice and curd), and the symptoms should go away in a couple of days. If the problem appears to be continuing, see your vet for more treatment.

Watch how you react when it’s thundering.

It’s only natural for your dog to be daunted when there’s a bunch of thunder and lightning. It is vital to respond suitably in these situations. Allow your dog to find a safe location to run. While your urge might be to console and love your dog, this will reinforce its fear.

Rather, keep your cool and participate with your dog in a typical activity that they enjoy, such as playing games or pet grooming. You might additionally put a few toys near your dog’s secure spot so that it can cuddle with them and reduce stress and anxiety.

Clean their ears regularly.

An additional potential health problem for your pet is its ears. Wet weather dog advice includes maintaining your dog’s ears completely dry. Any folded ears will not get wet on the inside, but they will remain damp for longer. Consequently, fungi and microbial infections are common in the ears. This is especially problematic in dog-only households when no one licks their ears clean.

Remember to inspect your property after a hard storm to see if there are any damages that may have occurred. If you see little or major damage, you can click here to schedule an appointment to assist you in restoring your property.


Caring for pets in the wet season is one of the toughest duties. They must be given special attention. Caring for dogs with longer hair, on the other hand, is more difficult. Their fur becomes matted and twisted gradually. Therefore, they require more care than dogs with much shorter coats.

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